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Clinical and Substance Use Assessments


Clinical and Substance Use Assessments are utilized to determine appropriate recommendations for you based on the needs of your referral source.  This process is approximately an hour and may be billable to your insurance provider based on insurance coverage and clinical provider network. The process will include a detailed psychosocial assessment that includes reviewing substance use history, a screening for depression and anxiety, and other related information that is needed to make the best recommendation for your situation. This assessment can be done in person or virtually. 

Once this assessment is completed you will be given a tentative recommendation based on presentation during the assessment.  As the clinician is able to put all the pieces of the intake together they will be able to follow up with an official recommendation.  

If your referral source needs documentation, a letter of recommendation for the appropriate clinical recommendation will be provided to the person/entity you have created a release of information for prior to the assessment. If there is not a release of information, then the clinician will not be able to release the recommendation letter to them. The letter will not be able to be released until the assessment fee has been paid in full. 

David's fee: $175 (self-pay)

Aaron's fee: $160 (self-pay)

Insurance fee: Will vary based on your specific plan and coverage. 

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