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Intake Appointment

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An intake appointment is utilized to gain a better clinical picture of your current situation and why you are seeking therapy as a follow up from the initial consult.  This process is approximately an hour and may be billable to your insurance provider based on insurance coverage and clinical provider network. The process will include a detailed psychosocial assessment that includes reviewing family of origin and background, substance use history, educational/vocational history, a screening for depression and anxiety, and other related information that is needed to have the best picture of what makes you the individual you are today. In addition this will be an opportunity for you to go over informed consent and provide release of information to any needed parties. This appointment can be done in person or virtually. 

This is the first step to continued clinical care as we begin developing a collaborative treatment plan. 

David and Sarah fees: $175 (self-pay)

Aaron's fee: $160 (self-pay)

Insurance fee: Will vary based on your specific plan and coverage. 

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