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Free Phone Consultation

A 15-20 minute phone call to discuss the ongoing problem or concern. This process helps us determine if working with our staff would be a good fit, going over basic questions, and setting up an initial appointment.


We can provide an assessment to determine the best recommendation for your needs which may include education, anger management, individual counseling or treatment. We are able to make this determination by gaining information about your psychosocial history and making recommendations based on the assessment*


Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Highly recommended for trauma, addiction, shame, self-esteem, anxiety, panic, and depression related issues. Still utilizing some talk therapy and letting the client drive the healing process.

Talk Therapy

Standard talk therapy sessions to check-in, process how things are going, work on identified areas for growth, challenge maladaptive thoughts, identify resources to make the necessary changes, and learn healthy coping skills and behaviors.


Counseling via the internet/phone call. Clients should be in as much of a secure and confidential area as possible for this service to be considered. This is done in the client portal with a HIPPA compliant video chat. Your insurance plan may or may not specifically cover Telehealth, specifically if it is a phone call only.

Conjoint Sessions
Sessions that would include individuals you identify as your support system (parents, spouse/significant other, siblings, etc.) These must be discussed with your counselor in advance and be determined to be in your best interest.
Clinical Supervision

David is able to provide supervision for non-licensed clinicians working on collecting clinical hours and/or specific supervision/consultation focused on addiction and related behaviors.

David will also be able to provide EMDR Consultation once pending EMDR Certification has been approved.

*Assessments only without counseling will not be submitted to insurance unless they are from a referral source like probation, diversion, employer, etc. 

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